Electrical Wiring Technician – Allegheny Bradford Corporation (Lewis Run, PA)

Job Code : ABC-EWT
Category : Allegheny Bradford Jobs

Job Description :

Will be responsible for assembling, installation, and wiring of panels, motors and instruments required by ABC. This position requires skills in communication and organization. The Electrical Wiring Technician will work with other team members to complete tasks and projects in a timely fashion.

Key Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Assemble and wire control panels for systems in compliance with wiring schematics and NEC.
Able to use a variety of tools and equipment such as measuring devices, hand and power tools.

Have the ability to interpret wiring schematics and bills of materials.
Review schematic design and ensuring the correct layout of electrical panels to ensure proper fit and functionality before job commencement.

Cutting openings and drilling holes for fixtures and equipment, using electric drills, air saws, and multi-tools.

Replace electrical or electronic components.

Run wires and cables for AC and DC systems, controls and various electronic appliances utilizing the correct gage and color of wire.

Properly labeling all wires and terminals.

Making certain all connections are secure

Properly integrating all components and systems.

Routing all wires and cables in an orderly fashion

Inspecting all systems prior to machine start-up.

Performing system test and assembly.

Install conduit inside concealed areas and pull insulated wires or cables through the conduit to complete circuits between instruments and control panels.
Test electrical systems and continuity of circuits in electrical wiring, equipment and using testing devices such as an ohmmeter.
Assist with customer Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) as required.

Have a good understanding of electricity and the importance of electrical safety. 

Job Application (PDF) (right click to download)
Job Type : Full Time

Location :

Allegheny Bradford
11 Lincoln Drive
Lewis Run, PA 16738

Contact :

Human Resources
11 Lincoln Drive
Lewis Run, PA 16738
Phone : 814-362-2590
Fax : 814-362-7081
Email : jobs@alleghenybradford.com

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