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Allegheny Bradford Hosted Dream it Do It WNY's Summer Teacher STEM Experience.
Published Monday, August 13, 2018

Below is what the teachers had to say about their tour of ABC.

» “Thank you for the tour. It was great to hear about the need for basic skills and for communication. Also, it was great to hear that employees are appreciated and valued. Thank you for encouraging us that there is hope for the average kid with basic skills and a good work ethic.” Jolene A.

» “I learned so much about your area and greatly appreciate all you do. Your plant showed us how a plant can work together. Workers demonstrated that they can be self-directed, management can listen, and business can thrive. How your company runs is inspiring!! You show us how things should be and can be done.” Thanks, Carly.

» “Thank you for one of the best professional development opportunities I have had in 10 years of teaching.” Tony S.

» “Thank you so much for telling us about your company. I worked in a pharmacy for 20 years before coming to education. I never thought someone making the pharmaceutical machines, and right here in Bradford! Thank you for having us!” Leah G.

» “Thank you so much for being part of this year’s Dream it Do it. Summer Teacher STEM Experience. Many teachers commented that this may have been, “the best year yet”. By inviting teachers into your facilities, talking about the history, introducing personnel from all areas in your company, and meeting with graduates of our local schools, teachers came away with a complete picture of your products, process, and the impact manufacturing has on our community. This year, teachers traveled all over Cattaraugus County and PA and had a chance to reflect and share their experiences on the final day. Keywords from the teachers’ reflections were “eye-opening, inspirational, innovative, and opportunities”. The teachers are already planning for next year. “I want to go there next year!!!” Thank you again for welcoming and information our teachers and making a difference in our community. Until our next event.” Evelyn

» “It was very interesting to have a tour performed by an HR representative. It was a very different perspective and he did a wonderful job of selling the company and exposing us to the opportunities for work/schooling/advancement.” 

» “Great leadership and workforce. Workers were self-motivated and rewarded for working hard. VERY impressed. This is how business can be and still succeed.”

» “I learned so much. They said to come as you are willing to work and train and you can climb the ladder in their company.”

» “So informative! Being able to talk to students about opportunities even if they are not college bound is awesome!”

» “Custom Manufacturing (processing), seems like a great place to work. Enjoyed the tour and learned a lot, I have much to share with the students.”

» “This sounds like a great job opportunity for someone straight out of high school. There sounds like there is plenty of growth for employees. I will be recommending this to students not interested in college right away!”

» “Need for willing and eager workers. Very Nice.”

» “I was really impressed by ABC’s product line, and was thrilled to be able to see the manufacturing of their stainless steel products for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. I will definitely be able to relate the work to what I teach.”

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