Quality and Documentation

Allegheny Bradford is the unsurpassed leader in quality and documentation.

Quality Assurance

Allegheny Bradford has an unsurpassed quality assurance program and stringent quality standards. Our inspectors possess level II SNT-TC-1A visual and dye penetrant inspection certification. This allows them to inspect every product in production and perform meticulous final inspections. Allegheny Bradford has an AWS-certified weld inspector, as well as an AWS-certified welding educator. We offer a variety of testing services available to our customers.

  • Hydrostatic pressure testing
  • Dye penetration examination
  • Radiography
  • Steam testing
  • Saline testing
  • Boroscope inspection
  • Positive Material Identification
  • Riboflavin testing & acceptance
  • Ferrite testing
  • And more…


Allegheny Bradford Corporation has set the standard for Documentation Offerings in the industry. Our innovative services help you speed through FDA validation. We provide the following items compiled in an indexed binder or FTP Link:

  • Specifications
  • Records
  • Drawings
  • Weld Logs
  • Inspections
  • Certifications & Manuals

Specific requirements

Our products are designed to satisfy the requirements of the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnical Industries. Some of the codes and standards we manufacture to are:

  • ASME Section VIII, Division 1 including U, UM
  • BPE current addendum
  • CE stamped to European Pressure Directive for Categories I, II, III & IV
  • Pressure equipment directive
  • Bio processing
  • B31.1 & B31.3
  • 3-A & GMP
  • Canadian registration
  • Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM)
  • TEMA
  • NBIC repairs/alterations

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China Manufacturing License

Allows us to manufacture and ship pressure vessels into China.

R Certificate

Allows us to repair and perform alterations to ASME Code stamped vessels.

U Certificate

Allows us to code stamp pressure vessels built to ASME Section VIII, Div 1.

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